Hendry Marine Industries’ Gulf Marine Repair is the first U.S. Gulf Coast shipyard to become a Participant in Green Marine, the largest voluntary environmental certification program for North America’s maritime industry.

“We’re so pleased to welcome Hendry’s Gulf Marine Repair as both a Florida and U.S. Gulf Coast first in terms of shipyards,” said David Bolduc, Green Marine executive director. “Through the Green Marine Certification Program, Gulf Marine Repair has committed to continually assess and improve its environmental performance in order to positively impact the local community and economy through its repair of vessels of all ages in a responsible manner.”

Kelly Hendry, Hendry Marine Industries’ president, welcomed the Green Marine program’s rigor and transparency. “Our company was founded in Tampa in 1926. Participating in this thorough certification will help us to further our family’s multigenerational commitment to the Port of Tampa and to our community,” she said.

For certification, Hendry Marine Industries’ Gulf Marine Repair will assess its environmental performance based on Green Marine’s detailed framework that includes addressing greenhouse gases and air pollutants, spill prevention, waste management, community impacts, and showing environmental leadership. The certification is independently verified upon initial certification and subsequently every two years. The individual performance of each Green Marine participant is published annually.

Hendry Marine began the certification process earlier this year as the result of engaging a third party to help the company better understand its environmental, social and governance impacts and opportunities. This prestigious accomplishment will allow the company to assure its customers, the maritime industry and the broader community of their ongoing commitment to operating in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner.

Hendry Marine Industries is also enrolling its subsidiaries, Anchor Sandblasting and Coatings, and Universal Environmental Solutions, as Green Marine Partners. “Through our subsidiaries, Hendry offers a full suite of services to attract and support global customers using Port Tampa Bay.”

“The simultaneous addition of these two subsidiaries as Green Marine Partners further enriches the resources available to the program’s membership,” Bolduc added.

Green Marine overview:  Founded in 2007, Green Marine’s North American environmental certification program is the result of a voluntary effort by the shipping industry to go beyond regulations. There are currently more than 160 ship owners, port authorities, terminal operators and shipyard managers throughout Canada and the United States participating in the program. Green Marine’s unique character derives from the support it receives from environmental, scientific, government and community organizations. Some 90 supporters help to shape and revise the program, which is outlined in detail at www.green-marine.org.

For more information, please contact:
Hal Hendry
Special Projects Manager
Hendry Marine Industries
Tel:  (813) 247-3153 ext. 401

Manon Lanthier
Communications Manager
Green Marine
Tel:  (418) 569-5110

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