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“It is acknowledged that the Company owes its existence in a large measure to the loyalty and cooperation of the men who comprise its personnel.” – Excerpt from the original Hendry Corporation Employee Handbook.

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Enroll in your benefits one step at a time with Employee Navigator:  www.employeenavigator.com

Benefits Enrollment

Guia de Beneficios de Inscripción

Hướng dẫn Đăng ký Quyền lợi

Health Insurance and Balance Billing
GPA ELAP Frequently Asked Questions (English)

Health Insurance and Balance Billing
GPA ELAP Frequently Asked Questions (Spanish)

If you have Dependant(s) on your Health, Vision, and or Dental Insurance plan,

Click Here to Open

Member services will provide support for questions related to your health plan and will guide you to Nurse Navigator as needed to support the coordination of complex medical service requests.  Contact GPA Member Services by web, App or Phone.

Mon. – Thurs. 7 am – 9 pm CST  &  Friday 7 am – 7 pm CST
Tele: 1 (800) 827-7223

Via e-mail: memberservices@gpatpa.com

Whether you need to check claims status, message customer service or simply view your member ID card, log into www.gpatpa.com.   Click here for simple directions on how to get the GPA mobile app.

Swift MD doctors can diagnose and treat sinus infections, allergies and rashes, insect bites and stings, headache, fever and flu, pink eye, urinary tract infections, and may other routine, non-urgent illness.

No co-pays and no cost to you.

SwiftMD Member Services
Tele: (877) 999-7943

Talk to a doctor 24/7 … Get better faster
Passcode: Hendry17

Guardian Dental provides sweeping coverage for the full range of dental services – routine checkups, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, dental implants, adult fluoride treatments, and oral cancer screenings.

Guardian Member Services Tel: (866) 302-4542

To help keep your vision sharp, a vision care plan is offered through Davis Vision.  With this program, you will have a choice when you access care: you can receive services in or outside of the network.


The ProAct Website contains a variety of resources to support the needs of members.  The ProAct Help Desk is available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Click Here for ProAct Online Resources Flyer

Tele: 1 (877) 635-9545
e-mail:  support@ProActRx.com

CanaRx Savings Program is a voluntary international prescription drug program available to eligible Members and their Dependents enrolled in a traditional plan with ProAct.  Click Here for CanaRxSavingsProgram Enrollment Package 04.20

Before you or a covered family member are scheduled for an MRI, CT or PET scan:

KIS Imaging Member Brochure
KIS Imaging Member Brochure- Spanish
Tel: (888) 458-8746

Care Plus Solutions, Inc. is an award winning provider of Employee Assistance, Management Assistance, Work/Life and Wellness programs.  Employee Assistance Program provides you and your family members with confidential, personal and web-based support on a wide variety of important and relevant topics to help encourage your well-being:  stress management, dependent/elder care, nutrition, fitness, as well as legal and financial issues.  

Care Plus Solutions Tel: (800) 765-8263

Insurance will pay cash benefits to help compensate for lost income.  Your income is your most important asset.  Learn how disability insurance can help protect your finances in the event you are unable to work.

Disability/Worksite Guardian Member Services
Tele: (800) 268-2525 (STD) ~~ (800) 538-4583 (LTD)
Group Short Term Disability (STD) and Group Long Term Disability (LTD)

Life insurance is one of easiest and most affordable ways to protect your loved ones should they lose you as a breadwinner.  If you have family or others who depend on you for financial support, securing or increasing life insurance coverage is among the most important steps you will ever take.

Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Guardian Member Services
Tel: (800) 525-4542

If you have received a balance bill for a medical provider or collection firm, immediately contact ELAP
services right away so that they can advocate on your behalf to resolve the issue.  ELAP Benefits

Tel: (800) 977-7381
Email: balancebills@elapservices.com


Important Notice from HMI About Your Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare
Annual Medicare Notice – English 2020
Annual Medicare Notice – Spanish 2020

Healthcare Plan update regarding Tampa General Hospital
Healthcare-Tpa Gen Hospital Sept 2020
Healthcare-Tpa Gen Hospital Sept 2020 (Spanish)

The technical meaning:
In an ESOP, companies set up a trust fund for employees and either contribute cash to buy company stock, contribute shares directly to the plan, or have the plan borrow money to buy shares. If the plan borrows money, the company contributes to the plan to enable it to repay the loan. Employee contributions are rarely involved. After participants leave the company, they sell the shares in their account on the market or sell them back to the company or the plan. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) provides a regulatory framework for plan participants, vesting, benefit distribution, diversification, and more. The ESOP trust must act for the exclusive of plan participants.

The every‐day meaning:
This is a long‐term retirement plan that costs $0.00 to participate. Studies have found that participants had almost 3 times the retirement assets as did other comparable workers in non‐ESOP companies. Only about one‐third of all employees in the USA believe they will be financially prepared for retirement. On average, ESOP account balances are 3‐5 times higher than 401(k)s at your time of retirement.

Company 2020 Statement

In addition to being an easy and convenient way to save, 401(k)s can offer a number of other benefits that may make them an effective way for you to financially prepare for retirement.  Grow money tax free and invest in your future.  The company matches 50% of your contribution.  Employees are automatically enrolled after 60 days of employment.

Mass Mutual Participant Services Tel: (800) 395-0647


View Your 401(K) Plan Summary Description

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) allow you to combine a traditional health plan with a tax-advantage savings account.  You can use your HSA money to pay for qualified medical, dental or vision expenses for your or your dependents.

Optum Health Bank Account Holder Services (866) 234-8913


Access your pay stubs and W2 anytime, anywhere.

Paperless Pay Corporation
My Estub Login:  www.my-estub.com

Policies and Procedures

Accounting, Human Resources, IT, Legal, Operations and Purchasing.

HMI/GMR Policy LibraryEmployee Handbooks


Understanding the ESOP


Make A Difference Program

You are the eyes and ears of what is going on across the yard every single day.  Your ideas, opinions and observations are crucial for HMI’s overall improvement.  This is your chance to be a part of the solution.

Hendry Marine Industries, Inc.
Tampa, Florida  USA
Tel: (813) 247-3153

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